Connectors are widely used in different devices for various applications. As a sister company of Peters Indu-Produkt, Mesh Automation is responsible for all the sales and service of Peters connectors in China market. And also Mesh Automation has a high volume stock of Peters connectors in Shanghai.

Peters Indu-Produkt produces and sells various high quality connectors, such as DIN connectors, M8 and M12 connectors with/without cables, and molded Tyco/Deutsch/Delphi connectors.

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DIN Connector

Peters Indu-Produkt is one of the largest DIN connector producers worldwide. Besides simple DIN connectors, Peters also provides various DIN connectors with integrated PCB for different functions.

All the connectors are produced by robot automatically to ensure the high quality, which can avoid the potential risk of bad solders.

Mesh Automation has big stock of these products in Shanghai to provide you best delivery time.

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Today, over 35 years after the establishment with more than 120 employees worldwide, the company belongs to the internationally recognized manufacturers of pneumatic, hydraulic, automation products, sensors and gas products.

Since our foundation, we have constantly been building on our expertise in development, production, sales and marketing. Predominantly produced in the companies headquarter in Wesel, Germany products are used worldwide. Distributors and Partners look after the needs of our customers in more than 20 countries.

The products include DIN connector, M8 and M12 Connector, Pressure Switches, Pressure Sensors, Molded Tyco, Delphi and Deutsch connector, and Gas solenoid valve, Gas filter and gas regulator.

Mesh Automation is the only partner of Peters Indu in China. We are responsible for all the sales and technical service of Peters products. And we are ready to provide you your needed products and service in a short time as we have stock in Shanghai.